A Local Church with a global reach that is filled with families who care

Rev. Dr. M. Frances Manning-Fontaine

Senior Pastor / Teacher


PRAYERWORKS is the Intercessory Prayer Ministry that undergirds the total ministroy of the church in the community and around the world.  It also focuses on physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, local, national, and global prayer concerns.

JUDAH is the liturgical dance ministry of the church.

THE MUSIC COMMITTEE is comprised of the Minister of Music, Choir, Musicians, Presidents, Joint Board representatives and a member at large, usually Chair of the Worship Ministry.  Together they oversee the Music Ministry of the church and offer recommendations for improving the Ministry to the Glory of God.

THE NEW HOPE MASS CHOIR is comprised of representatives from all choirs.  They sing on Fifth Sundays and on special occasions.

HOPE ENSEMBLE is comprised of young adults age 18 – 35 who ministry through contemporary praise music.

SONS & DAUGHTERS OF SONG is comprised of adults who sing on first and second Sundays.

SONSHINE CHOIR is comprised of children ages potty trained through six.  They sing in Junior Church and on special occasions.

MASTER'S MEN is comprised of men of the church.  They sing on the fourth Sunday.

WORSHIP MINISTRY is that team who selects and trains lay members for participating in worship.  They also develop calls for worship and other special events.

YOUTH CHOIR is comprised of youth ages 7 - 17.  They sing on the third Sunday and at special occasions.


CHURCH SCHOOL (FULFILLMENT HOUR)  is a Bible-based teaching ministry that provides organized Bible Study Classes - Nursery - Adult.

EXTENDED NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION is the ministry that all new members are encouraged to attend as they enter the life of Discipleship.

ELDERS COUNCIL is the “Griot Ministry” for ages 65 and over with at least 40 years of continuous service.  They are the oral historians of our church who help keep our history alive.

MY BROTHERS & SISTERS KEEPERS is a ministry focused on welcoming new members and assisting them in identifying their spiritual gifts so that they become engaged in the mission and the vision of the church.

NEW HOPE ACADEMY is targeted for girls between the ages of 13 - 18 in which they are paired with women mentors to explore life stages using the theme I Am Who God Says I Am.

NEW MEMBERS ORIENTATION is the ministry that all persons must attend for at least four weeks before becoming members of the church.

S.O.D.T.  (SCHOOL OF DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING) is a one-year program designed to train and equip believers for ministry in the Body of Christ.  A graduation ceremony is held each January for those persons successfully completing prescribed curriculum.


BEAUTIFICATION MINISTRY is responsible for outfitting the Sanctuary with fresh flowers on a weekly basis, and with seasonal decorations.

BUILDING COMMITTEE is responsible for leading the congregation through the building process that seeks to extend the present church building to accommodate ministry and meeting areas through new building or renovations. 

CULINARY MINISTRY serves the congregation through providing food for special events and meetings.

MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND HEALING is led by the health professionals of our church who bring us health and healing information through seminars, workshops, on site medical check-ups through qualified personnel.

THE DIACONATE serves as assistants to the Pastor through managing the congregation, visiting the sick and shut-in and overseeing ministry groups.  They also act as advisers to the Pastor on spiritual matters.

NURSES provide service to congregants in physical distress and pulpit service to Pastor and visiting ministers.

MULTIMEDIA MINISTRY audio tapes services and provides copies for a nominal fee.

USHERS guide congregates to comfortable seating and lead in collection of offerings.


STEWARDSHIP  is the Financial focus that underwrites the cost of ministry in our church.  Through this ministry we attempt to lead congregants to understanding their responsibility towards God through tithing, giving their offerings and selves to God in service.


CENTER FOR FOOD ACTION Operates on our campus assisting those in need with food, utility assistance, and security deposits.

SCOUTING is the venue through which boys and girls learn civic responsibility and acquire good morals and values as it relates to becoming good citizens


CYBERWITNESS  oversees and coordinates the churches presence on the World-Wide Web (Internet).

EDUCATION & ASSISTANCE MINISTRY encourages high school students to pursue college and related training and to assist students in continuing studies at fully accredited educational institutions. This ministry also oversees the qualified church Scholarship Plan.

F.L.O.C. (FRIENDS LEADING OTHERS TO CHRIST)  is an evangelistic arm of the church who reaches out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

FEEDING THE 5000 is a ministry in cooperation with area churches that prepares and serves food to the less fortunate of the community.

HANDS OF LIGHT is the ministry who uses ASL (American Sign language) to minister to the hearing challenged of our community.

MARKET PLACE MINISTRY is the electronic (e-mail) ministry who shares inspiration and encouragement to the 9 – 5 community through uplifting information, quips and quotes about the workaday world, especially the world of finance.

MERCY MINISTRY shares the loving compassion of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who are infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS virus.  They also provide Aids education to community.

DEACON'S ASSISTANTS are servants who provide a loving witness and service to those in need particularly women, men and children who are victims of domestic violence in need of clothing, etc.  They also service the congregation in concert with the Diaconate.

NEW HOPE COMMUNITY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORP., INC. . is the C.D.C. or Faith Based Initiative of New Hope Baptist Church that provides community outreach beyond the scope of a religious organization.

NURSING HOME OUTREACH Is a ministry of the Deacons to local nursing homes through once monthly visitation that assists Chaplains with their duties through prayer and hands on help when needed.

PUBLC RELATIONS provides communication through media, mailings, (newsletters, letters, etc.) relative to the special events of the church.


BIRTH MONTH FELLOWSHIP seeks to assist in “closing the backdoor” on newly joined members. Each member is assigned to a tribal group and is encouraged to assimilate in the congregation through diligent follow-up.

THE CARIBBEAN CONNECTION  is a ministry to members of the Caribbean extraction who assists them in obtaining citizenship if necessary and helping then acclimatize inthe American Culture. They also provide meaningful interaction towards improving the relationship between Caribbean and African American Christians.

MEN'S MINISTRY provides Christian nurture, fellowship, camaraderie and encouragement through activities geared especially for men - Rites of Passage for boys and mentoring for young men is an integral part.

WOMEN'S MINISTRY  provides Christian nurture, fellowship, camaraderie and encouragement through activities designed especially for women - Rites of Passage for girls and mentoring for young women is an integral part.

YOUTH DEVELOPMENT NETWORK (YDN) provides Christian nurture, fellowship, camaraderie and encouragement for youth of the church - Junior Church is an integral part of this ministry.



Staff consists of church clerks (elected), secretarial staff who provide administrative assistance in the church office.


Consists of Chairpersons and all leaders of ministries who meet monthly for planning and coordinating of activities.


The Joint Board is the ministry who acts in concert with the Pastor to bring Policy and recommendations to the church.  It is comprised of Deacons and Trustees under the leadership of the Pastor. 


Trustees are Officers mandated by the State who are given oversight of civil/temporal matters.


Provide an invaluable service to the church through their selfless untiring ministry of love and helps as retired persons.