A Local Church with a global reach that is filled with families who care

Rev. Dr. M. Frances Manning-Fontaine

Senior Pastor / Teacher

      Dear Members and Friends:

Welcome to our "Faith Book" page on the World Wide web…It has been our privilege to appear here since 2002 when few African American churches were utilizing the internet as an outreach to the world that God so loved. For a moment we were under re-construction until we sensed a new direction for us. Well we're back…and want you to come visit us here and in person...take your seat and get your life! New Life in Christ that is.

In the meantime, as we've experienced these "40 days with Jesus" known as the period of Lent, and come through the Resurrection, we would like to share these few words of reflection with you:

                    The Cross, the Heart of God
     The me
ssage of the Cross doesn't seem to make sense to the world does it?  Why? It's difficult to explain the sheer power of the Cross to an unbeliever simply because that person is on the outside looking in. It is not until we see the issue through the eyes of the Holy Spirit, on the inside looking out, that we begin to fully grasp the wisdom in it.
     The Apostle Paul explains that the message of the cross seems like foolishness to the world, but for those of us who are in Christ, it is the very wisdom of God. Essentially, God's wisdom reveals how back-
wards thinking the world really is!
     The world thinks it has a firm grasp on wisdom. It also regards Christians as wasting their time going to church and talking about "getting saved." However, these are the very things that can lead the lost into a saving relationship with the heavenly Father.
     If it were up to us, we would have done it another way. In fact, every other religion on earth points towards good works as the means of salvation. However, God knew that no amount of good deeds can overcome the debt left by sin. So, He acted on our behalf, doing what only He knew was necessary to save our souls.
     We may not like to admit it, but God is a lot smarter than we are. He knows what we need before we ever ask him. Therefore, let us thank Him for taking this matter out of our hands and providing that which we could never earn: salvation, forgiveness, and eternal communion with our heavenly Father..all through the Cross..looking forward to the Resurrection of our bodies in that great day.